Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Next up, a story.

This is a PT-19A, I know this because it's painted on the side of the plane.  I've heard of them before, but never seen one in person.  

Captain Charlie Plumb is noted at the pilot.  Using this, I searched a bit online and found that Captain Plumb is a speaker:
He had the chance to meet the man who packed his parachute:
Captain Plumb was a POW for 2,103 days.
Here's a little more about him:
 This looks like an air-cooled straight six engine.  Note the lack of mufflers.  I bet it sounds great.
 The sky and the wind, not much else.  Some instruments are marked "non-functional."
And, of course, the red - white - blue of the roundel.  Not quite as -yellow- as the T-6.  I do appreciate the simplicity of this one.

At the time, I did not know that Captain Plumb was still alive, or I would have required a picture with him.  Thank you, Captain Plumb, for your service. Most glad to know you came home.

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