Saturday, September 26, 2009

Friday, September 25, 2009

Current Computer Specs

Just saw a tweet from a friend and thought that I'd do the same thing.

Dell Dimension 8400

Pentium 4 3.0ghz hyper-threader, 1MB cache, 800mhz FSB


80 and 160GB hard drives

Yamaha 24-10-40 CDrw and Sony dual layer DVDrw

BFG 8500gt 512 MB PCI-e and eVGA FX5200 128MB PCI video cards

Dell 19 VGA, 17 DVI (and 4 port USB hub) and 15 inch VGA LCDs

Logitech Elite LE keyboard

Logitech MediaPlay wireless mouse

Cambridge Soundworks speakers with subwoofer

XP Home SP2

3.5 floppy drive

PCI USB card

Allyson was built in October of 2004, and was given to me by her previous owner after a hard drive failure. I've added the 8500GT in place of the stock ATI X300 and the FX5200 to run the 15 inch LCD. So, in the year Allyson's been here, I've "invested" about 140 dollars between the two video cards and the 15" LCD. Lovely machine, even if I had the money I don't think I'd replace her anyway.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Voices from the Quilt Hobby

Quilts of Valor makes and presents quilts to service men and women at home and in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Brought to my notice by CNN Headline News.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

From the shipyards of StarBright StarShips

These are pictures of the latest battleship to be commissioned by the Terran League Organized Regional Armored Command, the ISMV MINAS TIRITH, SSCN-BB-081609.

It's armed with eight 1.5KG railguns, twelve .75KG railguns mounts, eleven nitrogen particle beam cannons, nine Type A starbase phaser cannons, eight Type 10 starship phaser turrets, two plasma torpedo launchers, twelve photon torpedo launchers, and six MAD cannons.

Capable of tertiary Warp 12, she is one of the fastest ships to join ORAC. She is also equipped with the latest generation Einstein-Rosen Bridge, gravity slide and electro-magnetic photon drives.

She carries a crew of 12
50, of which 650 are Terran League Marines.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Repurposing your old computer

Just reinstalled Windows XP Home SP2 on a Dell Dimension 2400. I'm now it's third owner again. It started off with a nice lady in a local town who wanted a laptop instead of a desktop. After a few months, she wasn't using the 2400 anymore and wanted it to have a new home. With it came a 15" LCD, and I gave that to another lady who was using a 15 or 17 inch CRT that only showed in BLUE! Now, she gets Vista in full color. It's going to replace the PIII-933 that I had on my patio for streaming audio out there.

This Dell is five years old, still in good shape and needs a job. So, a great thing to do that need minimal processor power is make your old computer into an audio playing station. You can rip all your CDs to the HD and use jukebox software, use Winamp and connect to radio stations around the world or right next door to play music, and then get a pair of outdoor rated speakers. I use a Rubbermaid cabinet for the computer, stereo and speakers, and have a switch there for other computers if I have friends over.

And with a video card and processor that support it, you could also use the same computer for streaming video or playing DVDs with an s-video or HDMI cable, or use a larger monitor.