Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A few more planes from years gone by.

I have lots of pictures.  Some have even been taken by myself.  So I'll post a few here.

 A P-51 Mustang in checkerboard.

 One of the best looking planes to grace the skies, hero of the Battle of Brittan. The Spitfire.

 Front view with oil cooler / radiators.

 More blades, I think this is the interceptor version with cannons in place.

 A "Zero."  Most likely a modified T-6 Texan.  I'm not sure that any true Zeros exist anymore. (edit: This Wiki page says that there are four Zeros in existence now.  Thanks, @goretsky!)

 And something from a carrier, the Hellcat.  Big, heavy, sort of fast, with lots of guns.

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