Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Man O'War

Next up, and last of the four "small" planes, is Man O'War.  This is a P-51 Mustang.  One of the arguably best aircraft and fighters ever made.  this one has Lt. Col. C. H. Kinnard as the pilot.  Looks like Lt. Col. Kinnard was a pretty good pilot too, there's a good number of German markings on the canopy frame.
Can't really find much about him, and the little I do find isn't definite.  So I'll leave those for Google.

 Covers over the exhausts for the Merlin engine.  Same as used in the Spitfire.  Another of my favorite planes. 

 Massive prop to move plenty of air past the blades.  Bright red does the Mustang good.

 Clearly painted tail number.  I did find that there is a Hasegawa model of this plane on eBay.

Canopy open, just waiting for the pilot to jump aboard.

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  1. North American P-51D Mustang "Man O' War" is currently being flown and maintained by the Commemorative Air Force - Southern California Wing at Camarillo Airport, Camarillo, CA.
    It is a two-seat aircraft, and is used in the Wing's Warbird Ride Program. See our website for more details: