Sunday, May 31, 2015

New Fabric

I did get some!

Going to make quilts for my cousin, her other two sons (the middle kid already has a quilt) and I'll even make one for her husband.  I'm sure I can find a theme for a bunch of science fiction and fantasy readers.  Right?  I think these will do just fine.

The classic ship is my favorite.

This just screams "I'm from the late 1960's!"

Red, red, red.

Yeah, I know, not Star Trek as such, but chemistry is fun too.

And who doesn't love a mini-skirt?

All the departments, in a pattern.

2015 Central Coast Quilt Run

The quilt run this year went from Ventura to Paso Robles and out to Morro Bay.  We did not go to Ventura, the last couple of years, it's just too far for a short visit.  The store there is very nice, I bought some rocket / 50's space fabric there about three years ago when we were passing through from visiting family in the LA area.

But, we did go to Creation Station in Buellton, on Friday, even though they are not a member of the run.  They should be.  However, the run has some rules and probably some personalities that I'm not able to fathom.  Anyway, visiting Dawn and Patrick is well within the 30 mile drive for a great store with something always going on.  I bought five fat quarters (take a 1/2 yard of fabric and cut that in half instead of cutting a 1/4 yard) of Star Trek fabric.

Then we drove up to Orcutt and stopped at Old Town Quilt Shop.  I didn't stay long, about 30 seconds.  Woman at the door said hi to mom, gushed over how cute her great-grandson is and then turned away when I walked in the door.  I like Maxine and her shop, so hopefully this was just an off day for the woman. But it made me not feel welcome.  I didn't even go to the classroom to see what they had setup there.  No pictures.

Then we came home.  That was enough driving for one day.

Saturday, we started off by going to Quiltin' Cousins, in Pismo beach.  Which is an awesome little store.  Shawn and her mom and the people there are always full on into whatever they do.  This year, it was "Strippers."  Now, if you know quilting at all, the act of taking cut lengths of fabric and sewing them together to form long pieces.  They can be anywhere from an inch to 4 inches wide (or more) and 3 to 6 (or more) feet long.  Thus making strips.  So, yes, I am a stripper.

Stripper Poles!

I liked this one best, the red "hair" sets it off.

Must check out every nook and cranny at Quiltin' Cousins. Something hiding everywhere!

The Hills of Pismo Beach.

After Pismo, we them drove up to San Luis Obispo to Betty's Fabrics.  Not sure why we didn't stop at the Santa Maria store, but it never occurred to me to make that one.  Big, brightly lighted store with lots of projects on the walls and the ceiling.  I always like the fabric stars.

Fabric stars!

Just waiting for someone to take them home.

The great grandson is picking out his own fabric.


Betty's in SLO on Carmel.

Then up over the Grade to Atascadero.  First stop was Sew Fun.  The ladies stamping the "passports" were fun.  But it seems the same quilts hanging in previous years were still up.  And, yes, I do know how much work it is to make a quilt.  I took more pictures outside than in.

Oak trees!

I went back to the car for this one too.  Even though it was 87F out.

Next up was Quilter's Cupboard.  A nice little shop, crammed full of stuff and the projects change from year to year which is very nice.  They even have a little goodie bar, small cookies, nuts, M&M's, and other little treats.  I didn't have any, we just had lunch.  But I did want a cookie.  Mom picked up more fabric there.  In the back of the store was a nice lady taking donations for a senior dog rescue in Creston.  She had some cute dog pictures in her binder.  I really want to go out there and see if anyone clicks.  I think we have room for one more dog.

More strips.

Blue and yellow are always a winner.

Choices.  Lots of choices.


Flag of the Quilt Run.

After Atascadero, we then went up to Paso Robles to The Quiltery.  A small shop, but has lots of neat stuff and nice people.  Plus, they have a long arm sewing machine setup.  Also while there, I saw my first Alfa 4C in person.  They also said they had SIX finishers, people that had completed the entire run.  Excellent.  Maybe next year I can do that too if I'm feeling well enough for a change.

Alfa Romeo 4C, It's much bigger than I thought it would be, seems very wide. But, it's Italian.


Long arm sewing machine.

Featherweight in yellow.


Looking south on the railroad tracks in Paso Robles.

Our last stop was in Morro Bay at The Cotton Ball.  The first store was in town right on one of the main streets.  Then they moved to a two-story building that was very nice.  I think it was a home at one point.  Now, they are way up Main Street, north of 41 in a little building.  It felt crowded, I just went in while mom and GGS looked around.  I really enjoyed the fog after the heat of being inland.  And the drive out 41 was really nice.  You can see the power plant and Morro Rock from here too.
The power plant and the Rock.

Fat quarters.

More fat quarters and balloons.

An old car.

Then we came home.

Not sure I'm looking forward to next year.  Seems there was a lot of pull back from last year, less events, less new quilts, less projects, and people seemed less enthusiastic about the whole thing.  I missed getting a hot dog at The Cotton Ball, seeing Elvis at Quiltin' Cousins, and the welcoming feeling that used to be at all the places, not just my favorites.  I don't think we even got one pattern this year.  "Oh, you can just print them online."  Um, no.  That's too much like work.

Just felt like something was missing this year.

Maybe it was me, not feeling well this weekend.
Maybe it was something else.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Some Quilts I've Made

Grand Tour top completed.

Windows to Other Worlds

Grand Tour 

Closeup of The Voyager

Detail of buttons and quilting

Another Kind of Six Pack

Nine-patch block for Grand Tour