Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Now, for the main attraction:  "Fifi," a B-29 Super Fortress.

This is one of the biggest planes I've ever personally seen, with the C-5 Galaxy being bigger.  Fifi is so big each of her engines have names.  Rita, Mitzi, Betty, and Ingrid.  It's so big, the wing has a light mounted in it so people can see under it.  The tires are huge.  The wings are huge.  The props are huge.  The exhausts are HUGE.  Did I mention it's HUGE?

Better post some pictures....

 It looks good, from a distance.  I think those blades are 12 feet long.

 "Fifi," a name that strike fear and terror in her enemies.  Um, about that....

This engine is named Mitzi.  This is about as close as I would get.  The sheer size of the blades is terrifying.  Each engine is turbo-supercharged and makes 2,000 horsepower.  There's four of them, in case you didn't notice.

I'm thinking the guy that aims the bombs sits here.  Bet that is a spectacular view from 40 or 50,000 feet.  They were offering tours of the cockpit, and I really wanted to go in.  However, I think that with the surgery still healing, it would have been a Bad Idea to climb the ladders.
And another insignia, of the United States.

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