Thursday, May 31, 2012

Poor Prediction of the Day

"It should be possible to treat almost all illnesses, including battlefield trauma, electromagnetically. Cells of the body will be fooled into producing antibodies, coagulants, new tissue, chemicals, etc., by being exposed to certain kinds of electric and magnetic fields. This type of drugless treatment will revolutionize military as well as other types of medicine."
- engineer Eldon Byrd, 1980.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Computer America Shows for Week of May 28,2012

Lineup for the week:

It's Memorial Day weekend and there's no live show!  Please enjoy a "Best of Computer America" show.  Have a happy Memorial Day weekend!

Both hours: PC World is renowned for having the best stories and now joins Computer America!  Tune in to hear Steve Fox, PCWorld's Editorial Director, discuss the latest Computer and Technology news stories and products! 

Hour one: It's Wednesday Madness!  In this hour, Craig and Ben answer your computer questions and discuss the latest Computer News!

Hour two:  Dick DeBartolo.  Dick joins us every last Wednesday of the month.  Dick is Mad Magazine's maddest writer and one of our favorite correspondents!  Dick is known as "The Giz Wiz" and he certainly lives up to the name's reputation!  Dick finds some of the most unusual items on the Internet and shares the with up!

Hour one: Dane-Elec, a leading global manufacturer and distributor of memory, has added the mySSD O-Series to its new solid-state drive line. The series is designed specifically for the commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) market and engineered for the embedded computing, server, notebook, and tablet categories.

Hour two:  SlimWare Utilities is a new, U.S.-based software company founded on the premise that cloud computing and crowd-sourced applications will revolutionize the performance of personal computers. Specifically, they provide consumers with downloadable software and services that clean, repair, update and optimize personal computers.

Not ready at press time.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Poor Predictions:

"Before man reaches the moon your mail will be delivered within hours from New York to Australia by guided missiles. We stand on the threshold of rocket mail."
- Arthur Summerfield, U.S. Postmaster General under Eisenhower in 1959.

Monday, May 21, 2012

A Golf Story

RAY stood over his tee shot on the 450 yard 18th hole for what seemed an eternity.

He waggled, looked up, looked down, waggled again, but didn't start his back swing.

Finally his exasperated partner asked, 'What the hell is taking so long?'

'My wife is watching me from the clubhouse balcony,' Ray explained. 'I want to make a perfect shot.'

His companion said, 'You don't have a chance in hell of hitting her from here.'

Computer America line-up for the week of May 21, 2012

Lineup for the week:

First segment: Christopher Breen. Chris is the Senior Editor for Macworld Magazine and a Computer America correspondent. Join us as Chris talks about the latest news and products from Apple.

Last segment: Craig and Ben answer your computer questions and discuss the latest Computer and Technology News stories!

Hour one: Lutron Electronics designs and manufactures lighting controls and lighting control systems for both residential and commercial applications. The company offers a wide variety of light dimmers, whole-home and whole-building dimming systems, controllable window treatments and color-matched accessories, including wallplates, receptacles, fan controls and more. Hear all about the latest in Home Automation!

Visit the Lutron website

Hour two: PlanOn. Hear all about PlanOn's ScanStik, its newest scanner that's looks just like a pen and is the world's smallest full page color scanner! This James Bond device lets you capture full page scans just by moving the pen across the page! It has a MicroSD memory slot, when loaded can store 1000's of images at 300-600dpi resolution in color or black and white. Scanning a page takes just 4 seconds. When you get back to the computer, plug it into the USB to transfer images and at the same time it recharges it's battery. Never worry about needing new batteries and also better for the environment. And with Planon's CLC image technology you get superior image quality for better presentations and OCR accuracy.

See PlanOn's ScanStik

First segment: Computer Mechanix. Woody Feffer is a Computer America correspondent who owns and operates his own computer repair store in Asheville, North Carolina. Woody joins Craig and Ben to talks about the latest computer technology products and answers any questions you may have!

Visit the Computer Mechanix website

Last segment: Craig and Ben answer your computer questions and discuss the latest Computer and Technology News stories!

Hour one: Craig and Ben answer your computer questions and discuss the latest Computer and Technology News stories!

Hour two: iolo technologies. System Mechanic is the industry standard when it comes to making your computer run like it did when it was brand new. It's not your computer that's getting slower, it's the software! System Mechanic fixes your computer's operating system so that it runs at peak performance! And now the latest version of System Mechanic does it even better! Tune in to hear the latest on this amazing utility software.

Visit the iolo Website

First segment: Michael Miller. Michael is the author of literally over a hundred books! Michael is one of Computer America's newest correspondents and is here to talk about the latest in computer technology and to discuss options when your computer doesn't perform as expected!

Visit Michael's website

Last segment: Craig and Ben answer your computer questions and discuss the latest Computer and Technology News stories!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Computer America Show for week of May 14, 2012

Lineup for the week:

Hour one: Lockitron lets you use your phone to unlock your home, business or rental from anywhere in the world! Instantly share virtual keys with family, friends and guests. Let guests into your beach house while you're traveling abroad, provision temporary access for contractors at the office, or let friends buzz themselves up to your party without the hassle of physical keys. And it works with most doors!

Visit the Lockitron website

Hour two: Craig and Ben answer your computer questions and discuss the latest Computer and Technology News stories!

Hours one and two: Linux Show. Every third Tuesday of the month, we have an all Linux show! Joining Craig and Ben once again is Larry Bushey, the Creator and host of the "Going Linux Podcast."

Visit the Going Linux website

Hour one: Homazooma . Created to give consumers unprecedented privacy and control over their real estate needs, financial planning and mortgage decisions, empowers Canadians to make the most of their biggest and proudest investment: their home. A free public resource with no industry biases or affiliations, provides its members with all the calculation tools and professional expertise required to make confident, informed choices - anonymously and hassle-free.

Visit the Homazooma website

Hour two: Craig and Ben answer your computer questions and discuss the latest Computer and Technology News stories!

Hour one and Hour two: Gregory Evans. Join Craig and Ben with the return of the world's greatest computer security expert! He continues to discuss hacking in its many forms, and how you can protect your computer from malware invasions.

Visit the High Tech Crimes Website

Hour one: Wiebetech is more than a manufacturer of desktop storage. They are an idea generator, a think tank. They know how important your data is, and they know how important it is to have it readily accessible. So, if there's a faster way to access your important data, a smaller way to store it, or a more portable way to take it with you, Wiebetech will be the first on its trail, and in almost every case, the first to have a product that makes it happen for you.

Visit the WiebeTech website

Hour two: Craig and Ben answer your computer questions and discuss the latest Computer and Technology News stories!

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Take the Geek Quiz

Think you're a true geek? Take our quiz

Quiz results are tabulated by assigning a score to each answer and then adding the scores up. Your final score determines which of our five categories you fall into.

Disagree with the results? Take the quiz again!

Your results

You are a geek

Congratulations! You exhibit many geeky traits, but not so many that we should be worried. Woot!

Question Your Response
Sometimes gadgets break. How do you deal with these moments?

Buy a new one, but keep the old one. I can still harvest it for parts.

Public parks are for…



Didn’t shoot first

What’s your preferred card game?

Magic: The Gathering

Which superhero most closely shares your worldview?

Iron Man – The world doesn’t need superpowers. It just needs the right killer app.

Real men wear…

Robotic exoskeletons

Which captain most closely shares your problem-solving style?

Captain Malcolm Reynolds – Always make a plan, no matter how many times my plans fail.

What kind of cellphone do you own?

Don’t own one

How many different kinds of dice do you own?

I carry around a full set at all times, just in case.

What’s your preferred board game?

Settlers of Catan

When sharing anecdotes with friends, your storytelling style most closely resembles…

Stan Lee – While ostensibly about action, my stories often have deeper social themes. Excelsior!

How many digits of Pi can you recite?

The "Magnum PI" theme song doesn't have any words to recite!

What is 4Chan?

A wretched hive of scum and villainy

Who’s your preferred author with initials in his pen name?

J.R.R. Tolkien


Is a lie.

What’s your favorite day of the week?

Wednesday – CSI and NCIS!

What’s your preferred way of writing?

Pen and paper

Which geeky acronym do you find yourself saying most often?


What’s you preferred kind of party?

Adventuring party

In your free time, you’ve been known to write…

Fan fiction – Buffy versus Starbuck.

How many languages do you know?

A fictional language

Which song are you more likely to find yourself humming?

“Brand New Day” by Sting

Which song are you more likely to find yourself humming? (Part 2)

“Stayin' Alive” by the Bee Gees

Which song are you more likely to find yourself humming? (Part 3)

“Firefly” theme song

Which song are you more likely to find yourself humming? (Part 4)

“She Blinded Me With Science” by Thomas Dolby

Which song are you more likely to find yourself humming? (Part 5)

“Amish Paradise” by "Weird Al" Yankovic

Which song are you more likely to find yourself humming? (Final part)

“The History of the Ring” leitmotif from “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy

Which scourge requires the most preparation?

Robot uprising – I, for one, welcome our new computer overlords.

What’s your preferred Web browser?


What’s your preferred workout?

Hitting friends with PVC pipes wrapped in foam and duct tape

Pick a number

A googol

What’s the best excuse to stay home from work?

I need to save the world.

Who would star in your dream casting of the upcoming “Uncharted” movie?

Nathan Fillion

What is your ideal pet?

An ancient Nibblonian that excretes dark matter

Which is the best twist ending?

"Luke, I am your father."

What is your dream car?

A black GMC Vandura van with a red stripe, a rooftop spoiler, and an ability to magically repair itself between episodes

Which is the best spherical object?

The event horizon of a non-rotating black hole in a non-accelerating reference frame.

What is your preferred footwear?

A pair of sensible shoes

Let's try an SAT-style analogy. Love : Hate ::

Sledding : Walking up the hill

Who's the best role model for young girls?

President Laura Roslin. She is an inspiring leader and a savvy politician.

Quick! Choose a memorable 4-digit pin.

1701. The registry for my favorite series of Federation starships.

Which trivial error in this personality quiz bothered you the most?

Actually, a true matching set of dice would include a d100, while question 9 topped out at d20.

Monday, May 07, 2012

Computer America Show for week of May 7, 2012

Lineup for the week:

Hour one: is dedicated to delivering home and business security with the utmost in convenience, control and complete awareness for security system users. They do this by developing solutions that leverage the latest wireless, web and mobile technologies. An home monitoring system works around the clock to log all events, including motion activity, system arming and disarming, when doors or cabinets open or close, power failures and more. Sensors on the floor can even detect water leaks in time to save your property from flooding and irreparable damage. An system is so much more than an alarm - it's a valuable tool you'll use every day.

Visit the website

Hour two: Gazelle . We've all been there. New shiny cell phone in one hand, used one in the other. At this moment, what do you do? Put it in the back of a desk drawer? Stuff it in a closet? Throw it away? Today, Gazelle has grown to be the nation's largest electronics reCommerce company, saving more than 100,000 gadgets each year. Hear how you can sell your old electronic devices and buy the new ones you really want!

Visit the Gazelle website

Hour one and two: It's the second Tuesday of the month and that means it's time for our Gamer Tuesday Show! Joining us this month is Scott Steinberg. Scott is an experienced game enthusiast and author of The Modern Parent's Guide series (including The Modern Parent's Guide to Kids and Video Games) and The Business Expert's Guidebook series. Scott is the CEO of the video game consulting firm TechSavvy Global who will give us his viewpoints and insight regarding Computer and set top games!

Visit Scott's website

Both Hours: Sandy Berger. Sandy is our Consumer Electronics Expert Correspondent on Computer America. She talks about the latest technology gadgets and trends in the industry with us. You don't want to miss this show!

Visit Sandy's website

Hour one: CrowdCloud is a simple and fun way to harness the world of social media knowledge and to connect locally with what matters. CrowdCloud allows you to connect with information from around the social media world- wherever, whenever! Experience new ways to meet up with your friends by sharing your location with them. See all your friends' locations on your map at one time!

Visit the CrowdCloud website

Hour two: Craig and Ben answer your computer questions and discuss the latest Computer and Technology News stories!

Both hours: It's the second Friday of the month and that means it's time for Bond... Ralph Bond joins Craig and Ben with computer news and special topics. For many years, Ralph was Intel's Consumer Education Director and he continues to be the voice of Intel for Computer America's Intel Digital Minute. Ralph is now with Autodesk and he is an official Computer America correspondent. Every second Friday of the month, Ralph joins Craig and Ben to talk about the special Technology News stories he selects. Join us!

Visit Ralph's website

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Giraffe Test

There are 4 questions. Don't miss one.

1. How do you put a giraffe into a refrigerator?

Stop and think about it and decide on your answer before you scroll down.

The correct answer is: Open the refrigerator, put in the giraffe, and close the door. This question tests whether you tend to do simple things in an overly complicated way.

2 How do you put an elephant into a refrigerator?

Did you say, Open the refrigerator, put in the elephant, and close the refrigerator?

Wrong Answer.

Correct Answer: Open the refrigerator, take out the giraffe, put in the elephant and close the door. This tests your ability to think through the repercussions of your previous actions..

3. The Lion King is hosting an animal conference. All the animals
attend .... Except one. Which animal does not attend?

Correct Answer: The Elephant. The elephant is in the refrigerator. You just put him in there. This tests your memory. Okay, even if you did not answer the first three questions correctly, you still have one more chance to show your true abilities.

4. There is a river you must cross but it is used by crocodiles, and
you do not have a boat. How do you manage it?

Correct Answer:? You jump into the river and swim across. Have you not been listening? All the crocodiles are attending the Animal Meeting. This tests whether you learn quickly from your mistakes.

According to Anderson Consulting Worldwide, around 90% of the
Professionals they tested got all questions wrong, but many preschoolers got several correct answers. Anderson Consulting says this conclusively proves the theory that most professionals do not have the brains of a four-year-old.

Send this out to frustrate all of your smart friends..

PS: Just the fact that I sent it to you should make you feel good.