Monday, September 28, 2015

How to rename files in Windows

How to rename files in Windows
You can rename files simply by right-clicking on the file and then selecting Rename.  The name of the file will be highlighted in blue and you can just typing a new file name, then press Enter to make it set.

You can also rename a file by clicking on the file, waiting a second, then clicking on the file name. (If you click on the icon of the folder or file, nothing will happen.)  The file name will then change to be highlighted in blue where you can just type the new file name and press Enter to set it.

If you pick a name that has already been used in that folder (you can have multiple files with the same name, but they have to be in different folders), Windows will warn you and offer to change the name of the new file to end in (1) or whatever number.

This same procedure can be used to rename folders.  With Vista and newer, the files and folders will automatically move to alphabetical order.  If you don’t want to lose your place, instead of pressing Enter, just click on the next file and your highlight will stay there, instead of moving with the renamed folder.

Friday, September 11, 2015

List of KB's that can be removed re: Windows 10 and data tracking

These are the ones to look out for and stop from reinstalling by ritch-clicking and hiding them.


Remember kids:  Do Your Backups, no warranty expressed or implied, Object Are Closer Than They Appear.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Windows 10 upgrade prompt and tracking removal

You can do these by hand, go to Control Panel > Programs and Features > Installed Updates. Uninstall and reboot if needed. Check for updates, right click and hide of those KB's appear again.

To get rid of the upgrade to Windows 10 Prompt: (For Win:7/8/8.1)

KB's 3012973, 3021917, 2952664, 2976978, 3035583 (these update numbers, if found, uninstall, hide)
Also Windows Tracking:

KB's 3068708, 3022345, 3075249, 3080149, 3068707, 3050265, 2977759, 3044374

Use a Command Prompt in Admin mode to make quick work of these in the format of:
wusa /uninstall /kb:3068708 /quiet /norestart

Or use TomCoyote's batch file: win10.bat

Reboot the computer and then check for new updates, if any of the previous numbers found, you can hide them.
BAT file below:

:: Name: win10.bat
:: Purpose: Remove unwanted Updates from Windows versions 7/8/8.1
:: Author: TomCoyoteWilson
:: Created: 9-2-2015
:: Warranty: None, use under your own risk
:: Place file in Root of C:
:: Right Click on the file and Choose "Run As Administrator"
:: remember to invoke from ELEVATED command prompt!
:: or start the batch with context menu "run as admin".
:: Credit to Peer and TheRock247UK for working on the Version Check with me
:: References:
REM  KB3012973 - Upgrade to Windows 10 Pro
REM  KB3021917 - Update to Windows 7 SP1 for performance improvements
REM  KB3035583 - GWX Update installs Get Windows 10 app in Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 SP1
REM  KB2952664 - Compatibility update for upgrading Windows 7
REM  KB2976978 - Compatibility update for Windows 8.1 and Windows 8
REM  KB3022345 - Telemetry [Replaced by KB3068708]
REM  KB3068708 - Update for customer experience and diagnostic telemetry
REM  KB2990214 - Update that enables you to upgrade from Windows 7 to a later version of Windows
REM  KB3075249 - Update that adds telemetry points to consent.exe in Windows 8.1 and Windows 7
REM  KB3080149 - Update for customer experience and diagnostic telemetry
REM  KB 3068707 - Customer experience telemetry points
REM  KB 3050265 - Windows Update service updated to accept upgrade to W10
REM  KB 2977759 - W10 Diagnostics Compatibility telemetry
REM  KB 3044374 - W8,8.1 Nagware for W10

ECHO "This first part is for removing the dreaded Win10"
ECHO "Update Icon if you are not wanting to upgrade to 10"
echo. &::
ECHO "The second part is for removing Windows Tracking"
ECHO "Checking your OS Version first..."
echo. &::
for /f "tokens=4-5 delims=. " %%i in ('ver') do set VERSION=%%i.%%j
if "%version%" == "6.3" goto :begin
if "%version%" == "6.2" goto :begin
if "%version%" == "6.1" goto :begin
if "%version%" == "6.0" goto :begin
if "%version%" == "10.0" goto :end
echo Version identification failed, now exiting

if "%version%" == "6.3" echo Windows Version 6.3 (8.1)
if "%version%" == "6.2" echo Windows Version 6.2 (8.0)
if "%version%" == "6.1" echo Windows Version 6.1 (7)
if "%version%" == "6.0" echo Windows Version 6.0 (Vista)
ECHO "This will uninstall these updates if found"
ECHO "that control the Windows10 Upgrade Icon"
ECHO "3012973, 3021917, 2952664, KB 2976978, and/or KB 3035583"
echo. &::
set /P c=Are you sure you want to continue[Y/N]?
if /I "%c%" EQU "Y" goto :upgrade
if /I "%c%" EQU "N" goto :tracking
goto :begin2


echo uninstalling updates ...
start "title" /b /wait wusa.exe /uninstall /kb:3012973 /quiet /norestart
echo  - done. (1/5)
start "title" /b /wait wusa.exe /uninstall /kb:3021917 /quiet /norestart
echo  - done. (2/5)
start "title" /b /wait wusa.exe /uninstall /kb:2952664 /quiet /norestart
echo  - done. (3/5)
start "title" /b /wait wusa.exe /uninstall /kb:2976978 /quiet /norestart
echo  - done. (4/5)
start "title" /b /wait wusa.exe /uninstall /kb:3035583 /quiet /norestart
echo  - done. (5/5)
echo. &::
goto :tracking

ECHO "This will uninstall Windows Tracking updates"
ECHO "KB's 3068708, 3022345, 3075249, 3080149"
set /P c=Are you sure you want to continue[Y/N]?
if /I "%c%" EQU "Y" goto :removetrack
if /I "%c%" EQU "N" goto :end
goto :tracking

start "title" /b /wait wusa.exe /uninstall /kb:3068708 /quiet /norestart
echo  - done. (1/8)
start "title" /b /wait wusa.exe /uninstall /kb:3022345 /quiet /norestart
echo  - done. (2/8)
start "title" /b /wait wusa.exe /uninstall /kb:3075249 /quiet /norestart
echo  - done. (3/8)
start "title" /b /wait wusa.exe /uninstall /kb:3080149 /quiet /norestart
echo  - done. (4/8)
start "title" /b /wait wusa.exe /uninstall /kb:3068707 /quiet /norestart
echo  - done. (5/8)
start "title" /b /wait wusa.exe /uninstall /kb:3050265 /quiet /norestart
echo  - done. (6/8)
start "title" /b /wait wusa.exe /uninstall /kb:2977759 /quiet /norestart
echo  - done. (7/8)
start "title" /b /wait wusa.exe /uninstall /kb:3044374 /quiet /norestart
echo  - done. (8/8)

REM "All Done, Exiting"
goto :end2

ECHO "I am here because you typed N (NO)"
ECHO "I am done with this batch file!"
echo ... COMPLETED (please remember to REBOOT,
echo ... Check for Updates and Hide the Following KB Updates)
echo ... 3012973 3021917 3035583 2952664 2976978 3022345
echo ... 3068708 2990214 3075249 3080149
echo ... 3068707, 3050265, 2977759, 3044374
echo  - done.

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Job Search

My first job was working in an Orange Juice factory, but I got canned.
Couldn't concentrate .
Then I worked in the woods as a Lumberjack, but just couldn't hack it.
So they gave me the axe .  

After that, I tried being a Tailor, but wasn't suited for it.
Mainly because it was a sew-sew job.
Next, I tried working in a Muffler Factory.
But that was too exhausting.  

Then, tried being a Chef - figured it would add a little spice to my life.
Just didn't have the thyme.  

Next, I attempted being a Deli Worker.
Any way, I sliced it.... couldn't cut the mustard.  
My best job was a Musician.
Eventually found I wasn't noteworthy.

I studied a long time to become a Doctor.
Didn't have any patience.  

Next, was a job in a Shoe Factory.    
Tried hard but just didn't fit in.  

I became a Professional Fisherman,    
Discovered I couldn't live on my net income.  

Managed to get a good job working for a Pool Maintenance Company.
The work was just too draining.  

So then I got a job in a Workout Center.
They said I wasn't fit for the job.

After many years of trying to find steady work I finally got a job as a Historian.
Until I realized there was no future in it.
My last job was working in Starbucks.
Had to quit because it was the same old grind.