Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Question and Answer

From an email:

“Thanks for your Tech Reports, I have picked up a few things. I have AVG on automatic, set for 3AM. I don’t get a printout so I guess it is doing its thing. I ran a full scan and it didn’t find anything. Should I use Super also? D—-“
Having AVG on automatic is a good idea. I usually find that it starts doing things just as I’m doing things, so I leave it off. However, if you run an XP machine (or Vista), you can leave it on over night while the AVG scan runs if you don;t want to watch it during the day. Many computers can safely be left on for days, or weeks in the case of servers. So, having a computer (even a laptop) on overnight or a few days in a row isn’t a big deal. Just remember to reboot when you feel it’s needed, or once a week. If you still run Windows 98 and 98SE, they should rebooted every day.
AVG is an anti-virus program. SUPER is an anti-spyware program. Even though AVG offers some anti-spyware defense, I prefer to use a dedicated anti-spyware program. Yes, I would use both.

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