Thursday, October 02, 2014

14 Steps (that may or may not be entirely correct) to updating Adobe Flash

Updating Adobe Flash

I’m writing this from a Windows 7 laptop using Firefox 32, so your directions for Vista or Windows 8, or using Internet Explorer, might be just a little bit different.  But the basic idea is still the same.

1)       Go to
2)      Click on the Menu in the upper right corner
3)      Under Products, click on Adobe Flash Player
4)      In the first section of the page that opens, it’ll tell you about the operation system your computer is running.  In the second section, Adobe has the Optional Offer for software.  You can uncheck this box to not install that software, usually McAfee Internet Security.
5)      Click the yellow Install Now button.
6)      When the “You chosen to open” dialog box appears on the screen, save that file in your Downloads folder.  Firefox should default to that folder automatically.
7)      When the file is done downloading, click on the blue arrow in the upper of Firefox and then select the “install_flashplayer15xxx” file.
8)      When the Open File – Security Warning appears, click on the Run button.
9)      When the User Account Control box appears, click on the Yes button.
10)   Next, the Update Adobe Flash Player Preferences dialog box will appear.  You can choose “Allow Adobe to install updates” and Flash will automatically update for you.  I like to know what’s being updated, I’m going to choose Notify me to install updates and then click the Next button.
11)   Flash will now download and install.
12)   When it says Installation Complete and shows a green check, you can now click the Finish button.
13)   Adobe will now open a page to some of their software.  You can feel free to close this page.
14)   You are now done installing Adobe Flash Player.

Adobe Flash Player installs over itself, so there is only one version of it on your computer.  You can check the version and date it was installed by go to the Control Panel and then Programs and Features to see when it was installed and what the version is.

Looks like I might need to update the Flash Player ActiveX also.

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