Monday, June 30, 2014

Some picture from the Seven Sisters Quilt Show

Went to the Seven Sisters Quilt Show at the Madonna Inn Expo Center on Saturday.  What a great day from a little road trip with mom.  Filled the car up with gas and got on the road.  In what sounds like the start of a challenge on Top Gear, we planned to be on the road at 8:30AM and finally got on the freeway at 9:35AM.

Overall a good trip up to San Luis.  Lots of cars on the freeway, didn't see anything really interesting though.  Guess all those cars were out last weekend for the Pismo Beach Car Show.  Heard it was good too.

Nice thing about getting our bands at the guild meeting, no waiting in line to get a band.  But there wasn't much of a line anyway.  Lots of people already inside.  There's a 100 foot of covered stalls for vendors before you get in the Expo Center, and of course, we bought another hand woven basket from Mary.  Always smiling, very friendly and makes wonderful baskets.  I'll have to save up and get a larger one next year.

There are lots of vendors and they all have lovely things for making your quilting easier.  From sewing machine tables made from exotic hardwoods to long arm, free motion sewing machines, it would be easy to spend thousands of dollars there.  But I leave that all to mom.  She did find some nice things.  Patterns, some fabric for a future project, and a little something for her grandson.  I think he'll like it.

Here's a few pictures from the show:

 I think the racks are 8 feet, this is a great, traditionally colored quilt made of various blocks of stars.  Really like it.

 The folds in the fabric give this very colorful quilt a 3D effect.

And another 3D quilt with circles and lots of color.  That seemed to be common with many quilts this year; very bright, strong colors with lots of accents.  I very much enjoyed them.

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