Sunday, June 01, 2014

Central Coast Quilt Run, Part Two

Two days of driving through northern Santa Barbara County and Western San Luis Obispo County, we put 272 miles on the car.  Just a little over half a tank of gas.  Started in Atascadero with Sew Fun and off to Quilter's Cupboard.

 This quilt was on display at The Quiltery, in Paso Robles.  Nancy was a doll, she remembered both mom and I from previous years.  Always nice to be thought of, just wish I could get that way more often.

 The Quiltery has an excellent goodie bag: a wooden rules, couple bits of ribbon, some fabric, and directions to little scissors caddy.  Very cool.  Because we both were there, Nancy gave us each one.

 Here's a close up of the quilting, I like the little arcs, makes me think of moons and planets.

 They have this sample on display too.  It's very small, probably less than a foot square.

And these four -must- be Up To Something.  They are very suspicious.  Didn't really see many hats though.  But did lots of grey hair.  :)  Some very nice people over the two days.  I look forward to next year's run.  Will give me time to save up and do the very thing I promised to NOT do:  buy more fabric.

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