Monday, June 30, 2014

Seven Sisters??? There's NINE!

Oh, the "seven sisters" in the name of the quilt show are the seven extinct (I hope) volcanoes around San Luis.  Looks there might just be nine of them in the area, but who's really counting?  They are 20 million year old volcanic peaks that go from Morro Rock at 576 to Islay Hill at 775 feet.  The tallest is Bishop Peak at 1,559 feet.

But wait!  There's nine... Huh?

  1. Morro Rock 576 feet (176 m)
  2. Black Hill 665 feet (203 m)
  3. Cabrillo Peak 911 feet (278 m)
  4. Hollister Peak 1,404 feet (428 m)
  5. Cerro Romauldo 1,306 feet (398 m)
  6. Chumash Peak 1,257 feet (383 m)
  7. Bishop Peak 1,559 feet (475 m)
  8. Cerro San Luis 1,292 feet (394 m)
  9. Islay Hill 775 feet (236 m)

 Here's a small wall hanging of Morro Rock.

So, I learned there's more sisters than I though there were.  I think they'd make good names for a class of starship.

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