Monday, August 08, 2011

computer america week of 8/8/2011

First hour and a half: Christopher Breen. The Senior Editor of Macworld
Magazine talks about all things Apple including Lion!

Last half hour: Craig and Ben discuss the news events of the day!


Hours one and two: Our Gamer Tuesdays are back! Joining us is
Daemon Hatfield is the Senior Editor of and our newest
correspondent. He will talk about the hottest games and products!

Hour one: It's Wednesday Madness! You never know who may stop in! Plus
it's OPEN phone lines! We answer your questions on ANY computer and
technology topic. We read your emails and Feedbacks, play your voice
messages, it's anything goes! Gabriel Torres, Editor of Hardware Secrets
joins us for both hours!

Hour two: Wednesday Madness continues with more of your emails,
late-breaking computer news and more!

Hour one: ChinaTel, a US-based operator of global wireless broadband and
telecommunications networks, has form a joint venture to manufacture,
distribute and sell hydrogen fuel cell systems. Hear how this new
technology will effect you as it makes its way into the US marketplace.

Hour two: Google. Craig and Ben talk to a Google research scientist who
works on Google Translate. He can explain how Google uses machine
learning or artificial intelligence to learn to translate language
automatically from one language to another.

Hour one and two: Ralph Bond joins Craig and Ben with computer news
and special subjects!

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