Monday, August 01, 2011

Computer America Show -- week of 8/1/2011

First hour and a half: Dokmee. Hear about Dokmee 3.0 that provides
offices, both large and small, with a centralized location for workers
to store and manage all of their business files in an electronically
accessible environment. End users can enjoy the convenience and security
of accessing all of their documents, and even key email communications,
without having to sort through a mess of file cabinets or hunt through a
ton of unorganized files on their desktop.

Last half hour: Craig and Ben discuss the news events of the day!


First hour and a half: Bathsheba. She is an artist exploring the region
between art and mathematics. Her work is about life in three dimensions:
working with symmetry and balance, getting from the origin to infinity,
and always finding beauty in geometry. She says that she likes to think
about shapes, and occasionally she will think of a new one, and usually they
come out very symmetrical. Tune in to hear how she uses 3D printing to
create some very unique sculptures.

Last half hour: Craig and Ben discuss the news events of the day!

Hour one: It's Wednesday Madness! You never know who may stop in! Plus
it's OPEN phone lines! We answer your questions on ANY computer and
technology topic. We read your emails and Feedbacks, play your voice
messages, it's anything goes! Joining Craig and Ben is Mike Cermak from

Hour two: We continue with your phone calls, emails, feedbacks and

First hour and a half: G Data. Hear all about their brand new Total
Security 2012 which received a 99.6 percent detection rate by
AV-Comparatives. In addition to their dual-scanning engine, the product
keeps consumers protected with features like fingerprinting, silent
firewall and low system load.

Last half hour: Craig and Ben discuss the news events of the day!

First hour and a half: Insider Software. It’s all about fonts!
FontAgent Pro provides full control over the auto-activation process. It
detects subtle differences among fonts to deliver the most accurate font
activation possible. When no installed fonts match one required by a
document, it provides a list of alternate available fonts with a
relevancy ranking that shows how closely they match the font requested
by the document so designers can choose the best font. FontAgent Pro
also permits automatic activation of a preferred font format (e.g., Type
1, OpenType, TrueType) so no user intervention is required.

Last half hour: Craig and Ben discuss the news events of the day!

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