Monday, August 22, 2011

Computer America Line-up for 8/22/2011

Hours one and two: Joining Craig and Ben is Woody Feffer. Woody owns and
operates Computer Mechanix, an on-site computer repair business. Woody
is here to lend his expertise on diagnosing computer problems and
answering your questions. We will be focusing on networking and how to
set up a computer network in your home and office!

Hour one: Yamaha. Amplifying the true sound of an acoustic guitar
without top-notch microphones has always presented sonic challenges.
Pickups that come installed on guitars are convenient to use but they
only transmit the strumming of the strings, not the resonance of the
body or the ambient sounds created by string vibrations. And, in a live
setting, amplified acoustic guitars are prone to causing ear-splitting
feedback. Audio engineers at Yamaha think they've conquered the problem
with a proprietary new computer-aided modeling innovation called Studio
Response Technology (S.R.T.), available in its new A Series acoustic
guitars, now shipping. The pickup and preamp built into the A Series
incorporates advanced Digital Signal Processing to provide mic-ed up
sound quality with the help of advanced audio technology.

Hour two: Not Scheduled as of Press time.

Hour one: Stem. TimeCommand puts you in charge of your sleep/wake
environment with this evolutionary alarm clock music system for iPod,
iPhone, and iPad. Charge and play your Apple devices - even connect and
control your bedside lamp. Expand your mastery of TimeCommand with the
free Stem:Connect App from iTunes. And immerse yourself in sound with
Tandem high-performance speakers - the perfect match for your Apple
computer. Experience Stem:Sonic iQ audio enhancement technology with
these USB digital speakers, featuring a custom configured DSP-enhanced
amplifier, performance-tuned, bass-reflex ports and an optimized
headphone audio output profile.

Hour two: Plustek. Hear about their newest OpticBook 3800, a cost
effective, simple, innovative solution for scanning books, magazines and
bound materials. This scanner is ideal for comic book collectors, rare
book collectors and sellers, eBay book sellers, education personnel, and
college students. Using Plustek's patent-pending Shadow Elimination
Element Technology, the OpticBook 3800 can scan any book without the
book spine shadow and distorted text associated with book scanning on
flatbed scanners. The OpticBook 3800 includes everything needed to
create searchable PDFs from books, magazines and bound materials. The
book scanning and creation software is easy to use and is an affordable
solution for all home users, libraries, copy rooms, students, teachers,
universities, and anyone that wants to turn books, magazines and other
bound material into digital files.

First hour and a half: Genius. This Taiwan-based company is introducing a line
of computer consumer products in the U.S. Hear about their Ring Mouse
and Pen Mouse that work in mid-air! They have a line of computer
keyboards, mice and speakers. Tune in to hear all about their American

Last half hour: Craig and Ben discuss the news events of the day!

Hours one and two:’s Editorial Director Steve Fox joins Craig
and Ben to talk about the latest computer news and stories!.

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