Saturday, August 22, 2009

Gnomedex Saturday

Here's a few cool places from Gnomedex that you should know about:

Half the Sky
-- Helping people make their lives better

Mental Health Camp -- Erasing stigma and exploring possibilities with social media

Hastac -- People collaborating wiht technology

TweetCloud -- Follow Tweet topics

StarFall -- Help encourage early readers

KidZui -- Kid friendly web browser

Tech Craver -- Using mobile technology to help people

Song Trellis -- Making music, that YOU can make, see this link also

One Bus Away -- Find bus stops near you

Skittlr -- Create a widget with the web sites you want in it

Free app for your Andriod phone, the Tricorder.

National Marrow Donation Program -- Help find matches.

The Girl Effect -- Change the course of history

From the Open Mic portion of Gnomedex. Go check those all out.

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