Monday, January 16, 2012


Do you have a family? Probably. Do you have a family you admit to being part of? I hope so.

I've started taking a genealogy class, finding out more about my family and history. The teacher has us starting with ourselves. It's the person you know best. Then you can work back to other people in your family.

You might print these out and write down your answers, or put them in a word processing document. These are only for example, you should feel free to ask whatever questions you feel comfortable asking.

1) Compile your letters, pictures, tings from childhood
2) Siblings
3) Early memories of your childhood home, news of the time
4) Friends, pets, favorite TV shows, radio stations, music, books
5) Where did you live, describe the house and town
6) Did you get into trouble, what rules of the house were there
7) Vivid memories
8) Trips to relatives homes, what were they like
9) Did you have any chores, how much did you get paid, how did you spend the money
10) What holidays did you celebrate
11) What did you do on weekends
12) Any unusual events
13) Where did you go to school, friends, after school activities, favorite subjects, teachers, grades
14) School field trips
15) What hobbies did you enjoy
16) Favorite things in childhood, food, music, clothes, movies, people you looked up to
17) Did you go to church
18) Dreams for the future
19) Experiences with death
20) Any family or neighborhood gatherings

You can add to these questions as you see fit and be as detailed as you feel comfortable.

These were paraphrased from Life History: Beginning to End

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