Friday, June 02, 2017

2017 Central Coast Quilt Shop Hop

Went to Buellton this morning for our first stop on the Shop Hop.
That means going to the CREATION STATION on Highway 246, just east of US101.
(Don't worry, there's more pictures of the store and fabric in the next post.)

While there in April, I mentioned to Dawn (she and her husband Patrick own the place) that I had an extra laptop and asked if she'd like one to display quilt pictures on through a screensaver.  She said she couldn't because things are a bit tight right now.  No worries.  I wasn't asking her to pay for it.  She thought it was a great idea (I have them occasionally, you know), but she really wanted was a computer to sit on the sales floor where she could look up stock for customers.

Again, not a problem.  I have lots of old machines that would be perfect for some web browsing.

But, where would they put a computer?  The place is PACK TO THE GILLS.  There is something to look at everywhere, even if you aren't a quilter or sewer.  Antiques and items on display all over the store.

Still, no problem.  A friend had given me an old HP Media Center machine.  It could hid on a shelf behind the display case and be out of the way.

They collect old stuff and had an old TV for the 50's lying around that would make a great place to put the monitor.  So Patrick hollowed out the TV and placed the monitor inside.  Looks like it was meant to be.  Keeping with the HP theme, I brought them a Compaq keyboard and an HP mouse.  Maybe it's an Asus mouse, I'm not totally sure.

Firefox does the trick as a browser, shows customers all the goodies they can order or have delivered to the store.

The old HP Media Center computer.  It runs Mint 18 on an AMD laptop CPU and 2GB of memory with an 80GB hard drive.  Not the fastest machine, but does the job and everyone is happy.  Small case keeps it away from little hands.  Mint means she'll (almost) never have to worry about viruses and malware, or most updates.  If it gets broken, I just reinstall Mint.  Nothing on it that can't be replaced, like quilt pictures.

So if you are ever in Buellton, or just passing through, swing by the Creation Station and say hi to Dawn, Patrick, the parent and all the gang.  And maybe say hi to "Laguna."

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