Thursday, January 05, 2017

Computer Names

I name all my computers.  From the first Windows 95 machine in 1996; Elvira, Mistress of the DOS, to my latest Dell Studio XPS 8100; Agent Core i7.

Now, I name my "front line" computers after some role playing game characters.  It used to be the best computer in the house was named Allyson, after Allyson Jordan.  Second best was named after her husband, Keith.  I got tired of changing the names all the time as I got better and newer computers so the ones that have those names are stuck with them until they go to the recycler.

 Allyson is a Toshiba L775D-S7108 17" laptop.
Keith is a DIY running an AMD Phenom 9550 on a an Asus M3N78-VM board.

Of course, the Jordans have children.
Troy is a Gateway CX2610 Tablet PC from about 2005 with an Intel Pentium M 1733
Jennifer is the newer version, a CX210X running an Intel Core Duo T2300
Blair is also a DIY running a Biostar NM70I with a Celeron 1037U. It's connected to my 32" HDTV for streaming media duty.

I tend to name laptops after constellations.
Two Acer laptops.  The older ones is named Ursa Minor and the newer one is Ursa Major.
There's a Dell named Orion.
An IBM named Aquila, the Eagle.
An old Sony named Cygnus, the Swan.
Even have an HP G62-dx435 laptop named Cassiopeia.

Been naming some desktops in a "StarStation " format.  Though I do have a computer named after one of my dogs, Sydney.
My main desktop is Agent.
There's a Dell Dimension 8400 named Coruscant, after the capital planet of the Old Republic which runs XP Home and I use for old games.
An HP All-in-One named Aurora, after one of my cars.

Then there are the tablets.
LG V410 is names MissLamarr after Hedy Lamarr who discovered spread spectrum frequency hopping.
Asus Transformer TF300T named Kate after Kate Botello, a former host of The Screen Savers on TechTV.
Amazon Kindle Touch is named AdaGrace after Ada Lovelace (invented the first computer programming language) and Admiral Grace Hopper (US Navy computers, coined the term "bug").
Next tablet / smartdevice would be named after Emilie DuChatalet, a French woman from the 1700's.

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