Monday, October 10, 2016

Streaming Audio

Radio and Audio Streaming Stations
October 2016
(For web browsers)

Call letters, location, number (if known), band, Home Page first, audio player links after.
This is by no means a comprehensive list, just the ones I’ve collected over the years.
Many stations also have apps, if you own a smartphone or tablet.  You can search the Google App Store or the Apple Store. And, yes, I like news. So there’s a bunch of AM stations.

AM Stations:
KFI, Los Angeles, 640 AM:  
CHED, Edmonton, 630 AM:
CFFR, Calgary, 660 AM:     
KGO, San Francisco, 810 AM:
KVEC, San Luis Obispo, 920 AM:
(has app)                                 
KNX, Los Angeles, 1070 AM:
KUHL, Santa Maria, 1440 AM:
WGCH, Greenwich, 1490 AM:
KNZR, Bakersfield, 1560 AM:
KLIV, San Jose, 1590 AM:    
KDMT, Denver, 1690 AM    

FM Stations:
KCRW, Los Angeles (89.9 FM, PBS)
KCBX, San Luis Obispo (90.1 FM, PBS):

Other Sources
Classic FM Radio Player:               
                (Can use any UK postcode for access, E4 0AD for example)
Coast Community Radio from Astoria, Oregon: (PBS)
Can use player on right, click on stations to play, might need to right-click to Run This Plugin, or click on the two icons for KMUN or KCPB. has an auto-running player and buttons for stations
Radio Le Mans, live audio of car racing from around the world:
Radio Live New Zealand:                   
Public Domain Classical and Jazz:     
Interlochen Public Radio’s Show Tunes, with Kate Botello:

Search for stations, genres
                These sites allow you to search for a station by call sign or genre.  There are hundreds (if not thousands) of stations carried by each.

Emergency Services:
Radio Reference, streaming scanner:
                SLO County feed:                   
Broadcastify: (has app)                        
NOAA Weather Radio:
                Monterey, CA                         
                Los Angeles, CA:                     
Weather Radio Stations:                     
Weather Underground:                                      

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