Sunday, December 06, 2015

USS Gravity Falls

A Work In Progress.

USS Gravity Falls, NCC-12600, is a battlecruiser, carrying nine type 10 phasers, 4 anti-proton cannons, 2 mass accelerator cannons and two photon torpedo launchers (for the moment), in a cruiser type hull.  Engines are low slung, mounted below the primary hull and close together.  This sacrifices some warp speed maneuvering, but compensates with a slightly higher acceleration curve.  The main impulse engine is mounted at the rear of the engineering hull with auxiliary units on the primary hull to assist in increasing the turn rate.  The shuttle bay is small, carrying four to six shuttles depending on the mission.  This vessels primary duty is to defend the core worlds (Earth, Vulcan, Tellar, Andoria, Alpha Centauri, and Axanar) within 15-20 light years of Sol.

Specifications as yet undetermined.

Other ships in this class are: 
USS Hill Valley              NCC-12601
USS Cabot Cove             NCC-12602
USS Mayberry                NCC-12603
USS Sunnydale               NCC-12604
USS Avalon                    NCC-12605
USS Watership Down    NCC-12606
USS Avonlea                  NCC-12607
USS Bayport                   NCC-12608
USS Godric's Hollow     NCC-12609
USS Lake Wobegon       NCC-12610
USS Malgundi                NCC-12611
USS Hogsmeade             NCC-12612

This class is named after fictional cities of Earth.

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