Friday, June 19, 2015

"New" Computer

Monday I was given a "new to me" computer.  It's an Acer Aspire One D250-1962.  I replaced the RAM to go from 1GB to 2GB (mostly because I could), and created a new user account then deleted the old ones.  Installed AVG 2015 and Malwarebytes on it and ran scans.  Then ran ADW Cleaner on it.  All good.

It's a single core, hyper-threaded Atom N270 at 1.6ghz.
It has 2GB of memory, and a 160GB hard drive.
It runs XP Home (Yes, I know... Maybe some flavor of Linux will be installed later. For this mission, an Internet Radio with streaming video abilities, I'm nto too worried.
It even has GMA950 video.

Best of all....

It's PINK!

With little red plastic jewels at the hinges.

So, I named it Hello Kitty.  Hey, if I'm going to go with this, I might as well go all the way.

It's a nice little machine for light duty.  Three USB ports, VGA out, wireless, and has an SD card reader.

Of course, if I find someone that can use a little machine, I'll throw Mint or Ubuntu on it and they can have a small computer that fits just about anywhere.

For the moment, welcome to The Family, Hello-Kitty.

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