Friday, December 12, 2014

To Install or Update Sun Java

(Note, Google Chrome has its own updater for Java and does not need to be updated manually.)

Go to this address:

Click the red button which will then turn into a red
Download> button, click that one too.

Fire fox and Internet Explorer will tell you that you have chosen to open the jxpiinstall.exe file, and

would you like to save it? Click the button on Firefox, then save it in the Downloads folder.

Once the file is done downloading, click the blue arrow at the top right of Firefox, then click the first file

listed. If the User Account Control comes up, click . Close all browser windows at this time.

The installer will still run.

You will then see the “Java Setup – Welcome” screen. Click the > button. The setup screen

will go away for a moment, then the “Java Setup” screen will come back. On this screen, uncheck the

box by “Set Ask as my default search provider.”

Then click . This screen will also go away.

The “Java Setup – Progress” screen will come up and then turn into the “Java Setup – Restore Security

Prompts” screen. Allow it to restore those settings by leaving the check mark in the box. Then click


The following screen should say “Java Setup = Complete,” click and you are now done. A

browser window will now open and take you to a “Verify Java Version” page. Click the red
Version> button. This should then open a Java program that checks the Java version and removes old

versions of Java. If you get a grey rectangle that says “Activate Java Platform SE 8 U, click that, then click

“Allow and Remember.” Next, a screen that says “Do you want to run this application?” will appear,

click . It should then say, “Congratualtions! You have the recommended Java installed (Version 8

Update 25).”

You may now close the browser, Java is updated.

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