Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Some Interesting and (maybe) Useful Links -

Over the many years (some might argue too many) I've been online, I've collected a few interesting links.  One that I used at class on Monday was from CalTrans.
CalTrans has installed some webcams on the major roads through the state, from Stockton to San Diego.  They are free for the viewing.
CalTrans Web Cams:

California Highway Patrol posts incidents in their response areas everywhere in the state.  Just select the area you are interested in viewing and then click the Details links to get more information about the incident.
CHP Incidents:

Ever hear sirens and wonder, "Where are they going?"  From here, you can check out incidents for SLO County Fire and CalFire.  The will tell you where, when and what the call was about, but will not show personal information or what happened after the call.
SLO County Fire Incidents:

Need the translate some text, Google has you covered:

Gresham College, established in 1597, puts every lecture they have access to online.  You can can download some in MP3 format for listening on your MP3 player, tablet, or burn the file to a CD for listening on your car stereo.  If you have an iOS or Android device, you can install their app from the appropriate store and watch video of the lectures.  Gresham College covers economics, religion, science and more.  And it's all free!
Free lectures:

Ever wonder what's going on outside of the Abbey Road studios?  Me too, all the time.  Well, they put up a webcam on the sidewalk that views the famous "zebra crossing" from the album cover.  Online 24 hours, the time difference is fun to see and you might catch a glimpse of some exotic car cruising by or tourists waving at the camera.
Abbey Road Studios webcam:

National Weather Service Enhanced Radar Image for the continental US.  You can click on the areas below for a close up view, and then narrow down to where you live or a place that is of interest.
NOAA Radar:

Computer America is the longest running, nationally syndicated show on the air about computers and technology.  Craig Crossman has been on the air for 23 years now.  with his co-host Charles Tendell, they cover the World of Computers in plain English.  The show plays live 7PM PT every weeknight.
Computer America Radio Show:

Patricia Rykiel runs a web site called LoveYourComputer and posts up a short audio clip once a week about technology, social networking, and more.  She also does the UK voice for the Avast anti-virus program.  The London Minute can be played directly from the age.
The London Minute:

Dave Graveline and company also does a very good radio show once a week for three hours.  Into Tomorrow covers everything from cell phones and tablets to cameras and computers.  They also stream their show on the web site, just click the play buttons.
Into Tomorrow:

KVEC 920 AM streams live 24 hours a day from San Luis:

KSMX 1240 AM also streams live:

KKJL 1400 AM out of Morro Bay plays some good music too:

KINF 1440 AM from Santa Maria streams live:

KFI 640 AM from Los Angeles:

KNX 1070 AM also from Los Angeles, also covers KCBS 2 and KCAL 9:

BBC Radio from the UK: (Some shows may be blocked for listening outside the UK.  All video is blocked.)

The Shiba Inu puppy cam:

Turtle Bay web cam, Oahu, Hawaii:!/live-cams/player/hawaii-turtle-bay-east-cam

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