Friday, May 31, 2013

And then there's these.....

 This is the prize for the Quilt Tour/Run.  If you visit all the stores int he run, you can enter.
There are stores from Ventura to Paso Robles, so there's a lot of driving involved.  More than we were willing to do this year at $4.00 a gallon.  And it's a long drive too.  Ventura is about 100 mile south and Paso Robles is 45 miles north.  About 300 miles total.  But it's a nice drive.  Lots to look at, if you aren't driving.

Yes, the red and black sewing machines are both for sale and just over $1100 and worth every penny.  These are really good, if old, machines and can bring in quite a bit of money for the seller.  I've seen one lady with all the original boxes and accessories, even the box for the oil can.

This is a long arm sewing machine for quilting.  I support it can do other things too.  These can run about $12,000.  A professional quilter can make it pay for itself by quilting for other people.  Some of them are really good at it. 

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