Friday, June 08, 2012

One Page Tech, page 001


            Software that is trying to do thing like steal your passwords and bank accounts.

            Software that is trying to see your files or use your computer to attack other computers.

            Central Processing Unit.  It’s the part of your computer that does the work.  It does two things really well:  add and subtract. 

            The metal or plastic box that contains the CPU, video card, memory, hard drives, DVD drive, and other parts of your computer.  Also called the “tower” or “mysterious box under the desk.”  Has its own power button

            TV like device that displays video from your computer.  Not to be confused with the case or tower.  Also has its own power button.

            Universal Serial Bus.  On the computer, it’s rectangular plug that can be used for keyboards, mice, wireless transmitters for both, printers, scanners, flash drives, external hard drives and many other devices.

            One left click tells the computer you want to highlight an item, such as an icon or file.  If the object being clicked is underlined (in most cases) it will activate.  Like a hyperlink on a web page will go to the location if clicked.
            Two clicks will tell the computer you want that icon or file to open and do something.  Also called a double-click.

            This will give you context sensitive menu of actions you can take.  Some of the things you can do is Open a file, use the Send To menu, paste, copy, cut, or find out the Properties of an icon, file or other item.

  Single left click:        Hey, do you see this?
  Double left click:      I want you to do this.
  Right click:                What can I do with this?

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