Wednesday, February 08, 2012

InterStellar Military Vessel OVER THE RAINBOW

Constructed in 2477 shortly after the end of the civil war which resulted in the creation of the Terran League, Over the Rainbow is a long range exploration cruiser. Most modern ship builders consider the class to be over-built in superstructure, capable of surviving damage that would render lesser ships useless hulks.

Rainbow is the first ship built and launched by the Terran League in 2478 for it's newly created Space Patrol quasi-military arm. Tasked with keeping the peace, aiding disabled ships and providing help to member planets, the Space Patrol would evolve into ORAC (Organized Regional Armored Command), best known for Admiral Patrick Collins and the flagship of the League, the ultra-battleship Star Fortress.

Rainbow is capable of a maximum velocity of 1.5 light years per week and economical cruising at 1 light year per week. She carries a prototype gravity slide for sub-light travel able to accelerate at 175G. Her crew is 423 people. Weaponry includes two fixed forward 100 pound rail-guns, a 100T watt laser cannon and a selection of missiles (including nuclear equipped devices).

On the forward edge of the secondary hull, Rainbow carries two radio antenna / scanner / deflector dishes on each side. At the back, there is a shuttle bay, with four trans-atmospheric vehicles. Under the main hull, there are optical telescopes, airlocks, cargo bays.

A far cry from the ships plying the spaceways of the 31st century, Over the Rainbow was an important step in rebuilding the local galaxy after the civil war between the former Solar Alliance and United Planets.

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