Monday, December 05, 2011

Computer America, week of December 5, 2011

Lineup for the week:

First segment: Logitech. Did you know that Logitech offers a line of
security video cameras that use the Internet to monitor your home and
office? Tune in to hear about their line of Alert indoor and outdoor
security cameras as well as their security services that work with them!

Last half hour: Craig and Ben discuss the news events of the day!

First segment: SRV Network. Karl Volkman, the Chief Technology Officer
of SRV Network is here to talk about the different tablets and the pros
and cons about all of them. Tune in as this may help clarify which
tablet is right for you!

Last half hour: Craig and Ben discuss the news events of the day!

First Hour: Scorecerer 5.6 for iPad lets musicians quickly load sheet
music, effortlessly organize songs into set lists and seamlessly add
handwritten notations and highlights. It also handles PDF conversions
with ease and automatically turns pages instantly, so there’s no need to
miss a beat. Through the app’s sophisticated use of MIDI, moreover,
keyboard players can load songs and change pages directly from their
MIDI-compatible instrument. They can also change the sounds on their
keyboards or their digital audio workstation software.

Last half hour: Mike Cermak, owner-operator of joins Craig
and Ben to discuss the news events of the day!

First Hour: St. Clair Software. Jon Gotow joins us to talk about the
latest iteration of Default Folder. This amazing utility should be on
every Macintosh out there!

Second hour: Brookstone! Craig and Ben welcome back Brookstone to talk
about their latest offerings for the holidays! Craig has long been a
huge fan of this store that appears in shopping malls throughout the

Hours one and two: David Perry. David is the Global Director of
Education for Trend Micro. David joins us to talk about the latest
cyber malware and how you can protect yourself from it.

See you next week!

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