Monday, September 26, 2011

Computer America Show Reminder 09-26-11

Hours one and two: Joining Craig and Ben is Woody Feffer. Woody owns and
operates Computer Mechanix, an on-site computer repair business. Woody
is here to lend his expertise on diagnosing computer problems and
answering your questions.

First segment: Gabriel Torres, Editor of Hardware Secrets joins us for
both hours!

Second segment: Sandy Berger. Sandy is a printer and digital camera
expert and writes for Hardware Secrets.

Hour one: Vonage. One of the leading providers of VoIP services, Vonage
is here tonight to talk about the future of VoIP and telecommunications.

Hour two: Dick DeBartolo, the GizWiz and Mad Magazine's maddest writer
joins us for the latest technology gadgets and wild stuff from the Internet!

Hour one: Nuvel. vSOS is an emergency response smart phone app that
provides you 24 hours 7 days a week emergency response in North America,
South America, and Europe, through a dedicated International Emergency
Response Coordination Center whenever and wherever you need it. vSOS
handles every emergency including medical, personal safety, accidents,
etc. Simply hold the vSOS button for 3 seconds and it automatically
contacts the Emergency Response Center and sends text messages, or
emails, to the 5 contacts you’ve identified in your profile. Also we’ll
talk about Jay Elliot’s new book, “The Steve Jobs Way.”

Hour two: Roku! Move over Netflix, AppleTV and Google TV! Roku 2 is
here! Stop dreaming and start streaming the shows YOU want to see!

Both hours: PC World now joins Computer America on the last Friday of
every month! Tune in to hear Steve Fox, Editorial Director of PCWorld
talk about the latest news stories in the Computer and Technology world!


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