Thursday, March 03, 2011

An actual serious posting for a change.

Today while reading my Twitter feed, I came across this posting:

Gay adoption refers to the adoption of children by homosexuals or same-sex couples.

And it really struck me as inaccurate on PBS' part to describe adoption in that way. "Gay" used to mean happy or upbeat. Now, it mean, an addition, to be involved with someone of your own gender. Calling people "same-sex" isn't correct. "Gender" is, to me, a better word because it describes what you are, either male or female. (An important issue, but not one I feel prepared to tackle here is trans-gender.)

Adoption is taking a child that, for whatever reason, has been placed with an agency from their biological parents to be taken care of until a good home with people that will love and raise the child is found.

In this fast paced world we all live in, people trying to shorten messages to one or two pertinent words are loosing the meaning behind those words.

I am all for anyone that feels they are able to provide a good, stable, loving home for children of any age or background. (I also dislike the word "race" when talking about humans. We don't take about the Corgi race or the Jack Russell race when talking about dogs.)

If you choose to love someone, that's your business. Love them completely, with all your heart and soul. Finding someone is special, finding other people to share that with is a mission from .

I've often thought that I could indeed be a good parent. However, I am not fiscally able to undertake that mission at this time. I decided a long time ago that bringing more children of my own would not be an option. Even fostering would be beyond my means right now. I have the room, the time, but not the money to buy myself new socks, let alone a growing child.

I can only applaud those that do with my highest regards. No matter who they are, the body isn't the important part, it's the souls inside. A lesson that humanity needs to learn.

Thanks for your time.

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