Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Village -- 2009

Here's some photos of my Christmas Village for 2009.

The fire department is responding to "cat in tree."

The choir is singing in the village center.

The Bedford Falls Express passes by the Kellison House and Santa getting ready to stop by another home on his yearly rounds.

The Mission and the Observatory both look up into the night sky for answers.
On the left, the fire department is next door to the tavern.

Father and son scan the night sky for Santa.

An admiring audience listens to the choir singing.

The postman and the flower lady meet on the street.

Santa making a stop, kids decorating the dog's house, the deer eating the snowman's nose.

The sleigh awaits it's driver.

People stopping to visit the Manger.

Time to rescue the kitteh!

The Village from on high.

The tree store at night.

The Mission welcomes those seeking answers.

Silhouettes against the darkness.

A townhouse, the Kellison House, and a country home look cozy waiting for Santa.

Another aerial view.

Catzilla (Zee) rests by the sledders after another romp through the Village.

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