Thursday, October 01, 2009


After reading the tweets from Ming Na, I'm really looking forward to seeing what Stargate: Universe bring us. Lost ship, really far from home (Voyager was still in this galaxy, looks like Destiny is across the observable universe), people that don't have the skills to survive, and the ship is broke. Hopefully, we'll get stories that matter. I never really felt that in the seven years Voyager was on, that anything they did mattered to the Federation. It was like they operated in a (haha) vacuum. I hope that SGU's stories will be relevant to what happens on Earth and the Milky Way galaxy. And I hope we see lots of original stories, ones that keep me wanting the show to be longer than an hour. Ones that keep me coming back for more every week. Not stories where I keep hoping the ship just opens the airlocks and spaces the crew, or the crew is a bunch of white teethed sweet young things that hop from bed to bed faster than the ship can move, or the constant whining. I can get that from my kitten. Or my nephew.

Syfy (huh? I still don't get it.....), please give SGU the chance it deserves, unlike what happened wiht Firefly and Defying Gravity. And give us a show we science fiction fans can stand with to the 200th episode.

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