Thursday, September 17, 2009

From the shipyards of StarBright StarShips

These are pictures of the latest battleship to be commissioned by the Terran League Organized Regional Armored Command, the ISMV MINAS TIRITH, SSCN-BB-081609.

It's armed with eight 1.5KG railguns, twelve .75KG railguns mounts, eleven nitrogen particle beam cannons, nine Type A starbase phaser cannons, eight Type 10 starship phaser turrets, two plasma torpedo launchers, twelve photon torpedo launchers, and six MAD cannons.

Capable of tertiary Warp 12, she is one of the fastest ships to join ORAC. She is also equipped with the latest generation Einstein-Rosen Bridge, gravity slide and electro-magnetic photon drives.

She carries a crew of 12
50, of which 650 are Terran League Marines.

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